About Me


I’m a senior content writer who has a wealth of digital writing experience for B2B and B2C audiences.

One of my recent articles has been read by over 100,000 people. A radio campaign I wrote helped gain over $200,000 in new business. I helped boost Globalization Partners´ premium gated content numbers by 145% in less than a year.

Brands I’ve worked with include Vodafone, Air New Zealand, Globalization Partners, Toyota, Uber, Kia, and Cigna Insurance.

I’m a Kiwi currently living in Bogota, Colombia with my wife, where I’m attempting to improve my Spanish (it’s a work in progress, gracias.) Over my copywriting career, I have produced radio ads, case studies, eBooks, blogs, sports articles, emails, social media content, video scripts, radio play, webinars, and more.

I never miss deadlines, understand SEO best practices and I believe that work should be fun. So let’s talk and create something beautiful that we’re proud of. Email me at davidbarrygear@yahoo.com